REMINDER: TDGA Open meeting; Bd. to meet in exec session

TDGAswooshCropREMINDER: An open general membership meeting of the Tucson Disc Golf Association will be held Saturday, Nov. 1, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Sky Island High School, 6000 E. 14th St., near the new Sears Park course.

The Board will meet in executive session, (a closed session used to discuss legal or personnel matters requiring confidentiality) per our bylaws, ahead of the meeting at 1 p.m. to discuss proposed ballot amendments. For each proposed amendment, the board must vote to inform members that it favors the proposal as presented, favors the proposal with suggested changes; or is not in favor of the proposal and the reasons why (the board’s positions and any suggested changes will appear on the ballot).

The day of the meeting, Nov. 1, is the last day to submit nominations or proposed amendments to the TDGA Constitution. At the meeting, club members will be able to address the board with comments on any subject. Board members will present a current budget report, update progress on various club projects and business, discuss plans headed into the end of the year and 2015, listen to members’ comments and respond to questions.

A note about nominations: The board can’t release nominee names, in fairness and also because the VP has until Nov. 2 to verify nominees agree to run. Of course, nominators and nominees are free to disclose nominations.

Other questions are addressed in A Frequently Asked Questions list about the election process, available in an earlier post below.

Congrats and reminders

TDGScorpLOGOCongratulations to all the TDGA members who played in the 2014 AZ Disc Golf Championships presented by the Shelly Sharpe Memorial this past weekend. The 520 was well-represented with about 20 players trekking up from the Old Pueblo. Kudos to top local finishers including Andrew Bohme, tied for 10th in Open (Jeremy H was 15th);  Lance Puckett, who took 2nd in Intermediate, Quentin Riddle, 3rd in Int.; top-10 finishers in a very tight Advanced field, won by hometown boy and TDGA member Cory Cliff, currently of Peoria;  Utah McKellips tied for 5th; Damon Maldonado (T7), Nick Stefano (10th); and Rick Holcomb, 7th in Advanced Masters).

Also congrats to TDGA member Bill Richardson, who took third in Advanced Masters at the Pendaries Fall Classic in New Mexico. Mike Wierda placed 6th. For complete results, go to


  • An Open Membership meeting will be held this Sat., Nov. 1 from 2-4 p.m. at Sky Island HIgh School (see earlier post for details). Nominations are due at the end of the day.
  • The deadline for club T-Shirt art is also Nov. 1.  For more info, go to the T-shirt deisgn FB page at

UPDATED – Nov. 1 Open Meeting Set; TDGA Election FAQ



SAVE THE DATE: An open general membership meeting of the Tucson Disc Golf Association will be held Saturday, Nov. 1, from 2 to 4 p.m. at Sky Island High School, 6000 E. 14th St., near the new Sears Park course.

The day of the meeting, Nov. 1, is the last day to submit nominations or proposed amendments to the TDGA Constitution. Club members will be able to address the board with comments on any subject. Board members will present a current budget report, update progress on various club projects and business, discuss plans headed into the end of the year and 2015, listen to members’ comments and respond to questions.

A Frequently Asked Questions list about the election process has been posted below in response to questions. If you have any other questions, contact a club officer. The club Constitution sets forth basic guidelines for elections but exact procedures are left up to the board, which learned a lot in the election last year but is still striving to improve these and other policies and procedures.


 TDGA 2014 Election Process FAQ

A number of questions have been asked about the TDGA nomination and election process. The formal rules are contained in the club Constitution, which now has its own link on the club website at (in menu at right of each page).  Here’s a direct link:

If anyone needs a printed copy of the Constitution, ask club Secretary Dave Wichner or any officer (or any member with a printer). Here are some FAQs, which we may update as needed:


Nominating period: Oct. 15-Nov. 1, 2014

Elections period: Nov. 2-15, 2014

New officers take office, amendments take effect: Jan. 1, 2015

Q: What offices are up for election and who now serves in those posts? What else will be on the ballot?

A: President (2-year term), now Chad Cassett; Secretary (2-yr.), now Dave Wichner; Amateur representative (1-year, elected by am members only) now Mike Early.

Q: How do I nominate someone? Can I nominate myself?

A: Nominating forms were sent out via email to members and paper forms are being mailed, offered or delivered to members for whom we don’t have an email. The vice president is in charge of the election but any club officer can provide you with a form. Please make sure the person you are nominating is willing to serve (the board will have to do that in any case before finalizing the ballot but it helps). Yes, you can nominate yourself.

Q: When are nominations due and how do I submit them?

A: Under our bylaws, nominations are due Nov. 1, voting runs from Nov. 2-15.The vice president is in charge of collecting nominations but they can be turned in to any club officer.

Q: Do I need to get a nominee’s signature in the space on the form?

A: No. Last year, in the club’s first formal election since the club’s reconstitution and incorporation, the board asked for signatures to assure nominees were willing to serve; though the forms are similar to last year, you may have the nominee sign but it is not required so long as you verify the person is willing to serve (the board also is required to verify).

Q: What are the duties of the club officers up for election? What kind of commitment does a board position require?

A:  The officer’s duties are listed in the club Constitution on the club website. Board members are expected to attend meetings lasting about two hours once a month and generally spend several hours a week on club business, not including running leagues and tournaments.

Q: What other items will be on the ballot?

A: Several proposed amendments to the club Constitution are expected to be on the ballot, including a club privacy policy (we don’t share member information). For each proposed amendment, the board will recommend that members vote to adopt, recommend the amendment with changes, or reject the proposed amendment.

Q: When is the voting period and how do I vote?

A: The final ballots should be ready Nov. 2 and voting ends Nov. 15. One ballot will be distributed to each member. Because of the difficulty of verification for our sealed-ballot process, votes will not be accepted electronically (though we may work toward that in future elections) . However, we may provide ballots electronically for a member to print and submit on paper.

Ballots will be available at club leagues and from any club officer, and sealed ballots will be collected at club leagues during the voting period and aggregated by the vice president. We may also hold special balloting events or hours during the period which will be announced.

Q: How will the voting process assure a secret ballot?

A: Members will be asked to fold their ballots so their contents cannot be read and seal them in an envelope (club-provided or any standard large letter envelope so long is it is sealed)  with the member’s name on the outside. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME ON THE BALLOT ITSELF. During processing, members’ names will be checked off in a secure registry as they submit their ballots ONLY to record that they have voted. Ballots will be removed intact and aggregated  and the envelopes discarded.

Q: Why such a formal voting process? Can’t you make it easier to vote?

A: As an Arizona non-profit corporation, the TDGA must keep records of its election for legal reasons. The TDGA is a young, fast-growing group staffed by volunteers. The board is working to refine all of its processes, including elections, and making the election process easy and efficient while assuring fairness,  transparency and privacy is on ongoing goal.

— David Wichner, TDGA secretary


Quail Canyon BYOP Challenge on for Nov. 15-16

QuailCanyonThe Quail Canyon BYOP (Bring Your Own Partner) Challenge is on for Nov. 15-16 at the beautiful Quail Canyon Golf Course, 5910 N. Oracle Rd. This new tourney is a straight doubles format, you pick your playing and sign up together. The cost is $64 for each team, which includes greens fees.

Here’s the FLYER (.pdf format) For the latest information, go to the tournament Facebook page.

Extremely Hazardous tourney Oct. 11 @ Santa Cruz (CORRECTED DATE); Save Nov.15-16 for doubles at Quail Canyon GC

ExHazCorrectedIt’s BAAAACK! Just before Halloween comes a very scary TDGA tradition, the Extremely Hazardous tournament at Santa Cruz River Park, on Saturday, Oct. 11. <NOTE CORRECTED DATE Our intrepid glowmaster and TD Dave Shircore has resurrected the Extremely Hazardous is readying a course that is sure to scare you to the core, with the wires, paths and just about everything O.B. There’s no prereg, this is a fun monthly, only costs $10 and the club is supporting with am prizes.



QuailCanyonAlso, SAVE THE DATES NOV. 15-16 for a tentative bring-your-own partner charity doubles event at Quail Canyon Golf Course, an 18-hole, par-3 ball golf course just off N. Oracle Road between Orange Grove and River. Details have yet to be finalized, but TDs are looking at $60ish a team ($24 going toward greens fees).  Other details: It would be a two day fundraising event. Course would be open for play Saturday and Sunday. Standard flex start system. Last card coming in 3pm-ish Sunday w/ awards and such to follow. LOOK FOR UPDATES ON THE CLUB WEBSITE AND FB PAGE.

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS: The TDGA wants you – to run for office

unclesamIt’s annual election time for the Tucson Disc Golf Association and this November, we will be electing a president and secretary to two-year terms and the amateur rep for a one-year term. This week, nomination forms will be e-mailed to club members who gave us their email addresses, and we will reach out to others with paper nomination forms. Please check with your nominee to make sure they are willing to serve.
Under the club constitution, the nomination process will be held for two weeks, from Oct. 15 through November 1. Ballots will be distributed to members as soon as possible after Nov. 2 and ballots will be accepted by Nov. 15 to be counted. Note: Only members with amateur status are allowed to vote for the amateur representative.
The duties of club officers are spelled out in the club constitution. Beyond that, you should know we are a growing club with many administrative needs, so here are some other considerations:
- Taking office means a commitment of time including board meetings about once a month (taking 1.5 to 2.25 hours, depending on the length of the agenda).
- Club officers are expected to help plan and run leagues, tournaments and other club events.
- The TDGA is a non-profit Arizona corporation, so the names and addresses of club officers are recorded with the Arizona Corporation Commission and publicly available. (That’s a good thing, though, because corporate officers are generally shielded from the legal liabilities of the corporation.)
We will give equal space to candidates for statements on the club website.

2nd Voyager Classic tees off Sat.; register for Marana’s Ace Race

VoyagerLogoThe second annual Voyager Classic tees off Saturday, Sept. 13 at the Voyager RV Resort in southeast Tucson. This is a one-round 18-hole tourney on a grass executive ball-golf course VoyagerClassic2014with water and trees. TD Quentin Riddle says some 60 people have signed up, and he is thinking about a 9-hole playoff for the top spots in each division. For the latest, go to the Voyager Classic Facebook event page.


The annual Discraft Ace Race comes to the Tucson area Sat. Oct. 4 at Marana Rock DGC. Pack payment deadline is Sept. 15, and the TD is Kyle Unger. If you’ve never played an Ace Race before, it’s a way Discraft rolls out new discs- for $25 you get a player pack with 2 new discs – this time two new Z-type prototype drivers – and a bunch of other goodies, then you throw a short ace course with a big DC first- prize pack on the line.

Link to tourney flyer: ace race1Page



Santa Cruz Wed B League moving to 7:45 am on 8/20

photoEffective Wednesday, Aug. 20, the Wednesday B-pad handicapped league at Santa Cruz River Park DGC will permanently move a half-hour ahead, to meet at 7:45 a.m. and tee off at 8 a.m. This will avoid some heat in the summer and give some people a little more leeway to play before work or school. We’ll consider an even earlier start next summer but we’ll keep this for now as a permanent time (this league has never changed times seasonally).

I am also considering adding an ace pool though I am a little reluctant to have to keep track of another league dollar-per-round pool, so stay tuned. Thanks for your suggestions and patience as we fine-tune this and other club leagues.

On a personal note, I started this league nearly 9 years ago as my small effort for the club and for folks like me who (at the time) could rarely get off work in time to play in the weekday evenings. It’s been a small league most of the years and now as the TDGC family grows we’re getting bigger cards, contributing more to the club and offering club-sponsored CTPs nearly every week. I’d just like to thank all the stalwarts who have supported this league over the years - even when just a few people showed up for weeks on end – and to all the newcomers who have made the league bigger than ever.

Cheers, Dave Wichner, Wed. League Dir.


Marana glow doubles this Friday at the Rock

MaranaGlowThis Friday Aug. 8, Trevor the Lever will be running a night glow doubles event at the Marana Rock Course (playing on the perimeter course as much of the main course remains flooded). Thanks Trev, longtime dual member of TDGC and Marana DGC, for setting this up, come out and represent!

Heres’ the deal: Random draw glow doubles, 5$ entry fee comes with two mini glow sticks, additional glow sticks can be purchased for 25 cents each. We will be playing the perimeter course, sign up begins at 7, teeing off at 7:30.

For more info, go to the Glow Doubles Facebook event page.