15th Annual Lemmon Drop presented by Legacy Discs and Moon Smoke Shop general reg opens May 21

15th annual 2021 Lemmon Drop registration and schedule update!!!!

This prestigious disc golf event takes place only once a year on the majestic Mount Lemmon Drop Ski Valley. The Course Construction Crew, a small army of volunteers, come together to build 18 holes for 4 days of extreme disc golf down ski runs on this bucket list course.

• Staff/CCC is currently open until 5/13/21 6pm pst
• Early Bird Hole Sponsors opens Friday 5/14/2021 at 7pm Arizona time (10pm est/7pm pst) and closes exactly 1 week later when General Registration opens.
General Registration opens Friday 5/21/2021 7pm Arizona time (10pm est/7pm pst)
• 148 total players (68 Pro/80 Amateur)

Optional pre-events:
• Wednesday (10/13/2021) Kaufinator year end tag battle (detail TBA)
• Thursday (10/14/2021) Bring your own partner doubles, 3 divisions Am/Am, Am/Pro, Pro/Pro. All players play the 2021 LD Pro pad layout (Online registration TBA)

Event schedule:
Friday-Sunday (10/15-10/17/2021) Tee times via bus or lift for all players each day.
All pro division, ADV, and MA40 play the 2021 LD Pro pads layout.
All additional AM divisions play the 2021 LD AM pads layout (Adjusted tee pads on 3 holes)

Pro $133 entry + $42 green fees for $175 total
AM $108 entry + $42 green fees for $150 total

Early Bird Hole Sponsorship:
• Observing new PDGA reservation limits, only 20-30 Early Bird Sponsorships spots will be available. Exact number will be posted by 5/13/21 @ 7pm. New this year, Early Bird buying options will be available for one week only. When we hit our max we will be sold out.

Ace pool:
• $20 (split evenly over all aces)
• If no ace is recorded during the event, all ace pool participants will be assigned a number and a random draw number generator will pick 10 unique numbers/ace pool participants to split the total ace pool evenly on 10/18/2021. Drawing will be video recorded and winnings will be electronically distributed within 48 hours of drawing.

For updates and discussion, go to the 15th Annual Lemmon Drop Facebook event page.

We can’t wait to see you in October!!!


26th Tucson Ice Bowl Results

Thanks everyone for making the 26th Tucson Ice Bowl, benefiting the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, a huge success. Here are the results, We will post final numbers on money raised as soon as possible.

Special thanks to all the players who bought extraordinary numbers of mulligans, especially the MPO division!!! Chris Metz bought the most mullis with 105 and won a Kaufinator disc and other goodies! We will finalize payouts and contact prize winners, including CTP winners, in the next couple days to arrange payment or delivery; results show dollar value of prizes; open division winners will get cash, all am divisions get discs and other merch.  

DIV Name Score Prize value MullisUsed
FA1 Serena Lewis  75 $28 17
FA1 Victoria Fox  75 $28 9
FA1 Aly Ward 77   18
FA1 Eddi Benson 85   12
FA2 Qiana Kelly 77 $28 30
FA2 Tami Korth 77 $28 54
FA2 Katy Chung 81   15
FA2 Becky Bare 82   11
FPO Hannah Stefanovich 68 $35 26
FPO Kim Lutz 74 $20 23
FPO Michelle Gallagher 76   2
FPO Patty Aceto 86    
MA1 Anthony Rapena 61 $32 29
MA1 Dillon Gassaway 61 $32 36
MA1 Nick Estacio 61 $32 2
MA1 Mitchell Rainey 63 $15 23
MA1 Anthony Vera 65    
MA1 Franklin Easterly 65   15
MA1 Gabriel Borquez 72   20
MA1 Mike Piccini 72   12
MA2 Nick Scala 63 $40 47
MA2 Richard Hinojos 64 40 10
MA2 Jess Matsen 65 35 26
MA2 Kenneth Gamble 65 30 23
MA2 Art Mendoza 66 30 15
MA2 Mark Morris 66 25 16
MA2 Ryan Sims 66 20 16
MA2 Brett Hackathorn 67 20 20
MA2 Emery Mott 67 15 32
MA2 Andy Clinch 68 15 22
MA2 Brandon Laue 68   35
MA2 Mario Salgado 68   30
MA2 Michael Roberts 68   17
MA2 Tim Lloyd 68   26
MA2 Nick Livak 70   45
MA2 Kyle Johnson 71   13
MA2 Dustin Barnes 74   16
MA2 Nathan Berger 74   13
MA2 Brad Crider 75   7
MA2 Anthony Gozum 76   19
MA2 Scott Sims 79   15
MA2 Christopher Wood 83   4
MA40 Dylan McKinley 56  40 47
MA40 Shone Gibson 60  35 45
MA40 Dustin Wirth 62  25 20
MA40 Daniel Jimenez 63  20 39
MA40 Erik Beam 65  10 16
MA40 Dakota Weros 66   20
MA40 Thomas Mulhall 67   25
MA40 Justin Chung 77   15
MA40 Jonathan Young 82   3
MA40 John Barkhurst dnf    
MA50 John W Benson 60 $55 48
MA50 Colin Banks 69 $35 9
MA50 Ron Smith 69 $25 5
MA50 Tony Aceto 69 $20 11
MA50 Scott Yelton 70   20
MA50 David Downing 71   10
MA50 Marc Zelov 71   16
MA50 Robb Fountain 72   2
MA50 Royce Kelly 74   23
MA50 Steve Cooper DNF    
MP50 Bradley Brice*T 54 $45 35
MP50 Richard Holcomb*T 54 $45 44
MP50 Neal Bonser 56   40
MP50 Trevor Chilcote 64   9
MP50 Chris Kaufmann 67   58
MP60 G. Scott Carle 51 $45 42
MP60 Michael Early 67 $25 33
MP60 David Shircore 70    
MP60 David Wichner 70   22
MPO Chris Dawkins* Won playoff 48 $55 96
MPO AJ Herr 48 $35 52
MPO Jeremy Herr 48 $25 74
MPO Daniel Bohme 49 $20 26
MPO Nick Newton 49   34
MPO Quentin Riddle 49   93
MPO Chris Metz 50   105
MPO Jordan Hicks 53   41
MPO James Selusi 56   80
MPO Ben Vosper 58   81

26th Tucson Ice Bowl Tee Times

  A SIDE -#1 TEE     B Side-#13 TEE
Division Name   Div Name
1:00     1:00  
MPO AJ Herr   MP50 Bradley Brice
MPO Jeremy Herr   MP50 Chris Kaufmann
MPO Chris Dawkins   MP50 Neal Bonser
MPO Chris Metz   MP50 Richard Holcomb
MPO Daniel Bohme   MP50 Trevor Chilcote
1:10     1:10  
MPO James Selusi   FPO Hannah Stefanovich
MPO Ben Vosper   FPO Michelle Gallagher
MPO Jordan Hicks   FPO Patty Aceto
MPO Nick Newton    FPO  Kim Lutz
MPO Quentin Riddle      
1:20     1:20  
MP60 David Shircore   MA1 Dillon Gassaway
MP60 David Wichner   MA1 Franklin Easterly
MP60 G. Scott Carle   MA1 Gabriel Borquez
MP60 Michael Early   MA40 Dakota Weros
1:30     1:30  
MA50 Colin Banks   MA50 Royce Kelly
MA50 David Downing      
MA50 John W Benson   MA50 Scott Yelton
MA50 Tony Aceto   MA1 Mitchell Rainey
1:40     1:40  
MA50 Marc Zelov   MA40 Dustin Wirth
MA50 Robb Fountain   MA40 Erik Beam
MA50 Ron Smith   MA40 Justin Chung
MA50 Steve Cooper   MA40 Jonathan Young
MA40 Daniel Jimenez      
1:50     1:50  
      MA2 Tim Lloyd
MA40 Manuel Ulibarri   MA2 Christopher Wood
MA40 Shone Gibson   MA1 Mike Piccini
MA40 Thomas Mulhall   FA1 Serena Lewis
MA40 Dylan McKinley      
2:00     2:00  
FA2 Katy Chung   FA2 Becky Bare
FA2 Qiana Kelly   FA1 Eddi Benson
FA2 Tami Korth   FA1 Victoria Fox
       FA1  Aly Ward
2:10     2:10  
MA2 Andy Clinch   MA1 Anthony Rapena
MA2 Anthony Gozum   MA2 Brett Hackathorn
MA2 Art Mendoza   MA2 Mario Salgado
MA2 Brad Crider   MA2 Kyle Johnson
      MA40 John Barkhurst
2:20     2:20  
MA2 Emery Mott   MA2 Richard Hinojos
MA2 Jess Matsen   MA2 Dustin Barnes
MA2 Kenneth Gamble   MA2 Mark Morris
MA2 Nick Scala   MA2 Michael Roberts
2:30     2:30  
MA2 Nathan Berger   MA2 Ryan Sims
MA2 Nick Livak   MA2 Scott Sims
      MA1 Anthony Vera
MA2 Brandon Laue   MA1 Nick Estacio

26th Tucson Ice Bowk at El Rio GC March 13

Registration for the 26th Annual Tucson Ice Bowl benefiting the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona will go live at 9 a.m. tomorrow, Monday Feb. 15 on Discgolfscene.com.
The Tucson Ice Bowl is part of the national Ice Bowl® series of winter disc golf events that are held each year, with an overall mission of raising funds to fight hunger. (For more information, go to icebowlhq.com)
The Ice Bowl is Tucson Disc Golf’s biggest annual charity event and since 1995 we have raised more than $20,000 plus hundreds of pounds of food for the Food Bank.
We are setting up a 24-hole course at El Rio Golf Course and because of COVID-19 restrictions not allowing shotgun starts we must use tee times. That will limit our playing time somewhat but to make sure everybody can finish before dark we will be starting groups at the #1 and #13 tees. Though we are confident this will allow everyone to finish we are initially limiting overall entry to 72 players, though that could change.
Entry fee is $50 for all divisions which includes greens fee and shared golf cart. Pro divisions will be paid out in cash, ams in merchandise. We will play by PDGA rules, except that $1 mulligans will be available for pre-purchase and during the round. Sponsorships are $25 per hole.
In accordance with course rules, players will be required to wear masks around the clubhouse and starting areas.
Thanks for supporting the Tucson Ice Bowl! — Wich

TGDA responds to coronavirus: Stay safe

The Tucson Disc Golf Association is aware that COVID-19 is not something that anyone should be taking lightly.
We have canceled all TDGA affiliated leagues until further notice. If you have not read the PDGA’s recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, please review it at your earliest convenience, on the PDGA website. As we respect their recommendations. 
Public parks have not been shut down in Arizona and we cannot keep the public from going to parks / disc golf courses. Please understand (as you may know) people will continue to play disc golf at our local disc golf courses. IF you should decide to continue using the disc golf courses, PLEASE 
-limit your groups as recommended by CDC
-stay 6 feet away from each other
-limit touching the baskets
-do not touch other people’s discs or other belongings
-wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible 
-use hand sanitizer throughout the round.
-Avoid touching your face until you have washed your hands 
– wash your bags and discs regularly -use a 1 to 10 bleach solution for your discs) 
We understand that this is an unfortunate time for our sport, as most of us play on a daily basis. As one of the strongest Disc Golf communities, we need to stay strong and stick together. Meaning limit the controversial post and comments on all Tucson affiliated Disc Golf sites for the time being. Let’s not lose relationships within our Disc Golf community over this pandemic.
As always, thank you all for being apart of our great community, stay safe and healthy! 
We will be back to normal play as soon as possible! 
Chris Dawkins. President ,Tucson Disc Golf Assn. 

25th Tucson Ice Bowl raises record amount for Food Bank

The 25th Tucson Ice Bowl raised a RECORD total of $3,530 for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona! The total included more than 1,600 mulligans, and Steve Miller won the most mullis prize with $107!

Thanks again to all the players, Fred Enke GC, the course construction crew and our sponsors, Tucson Disc Golf and its members, Scott Carle, Franklin Easterly and Baer Joinery, club 5:20, Ben Vosper and DG Woodworks, Travis Bowen and CTP sponsor Quentin Riddle. We are looking to send the funds to the Food Bank electronically to avoid contact, so we may not have the traditional Giant Check presentation, but your efforts were GIANT. Thanks, Wich and the TDGA Board